We asked 19 extremely successful entrepreneurs to give us their “one piece of advice” for aspiring millionaires, and the responses we got back are just incredible.

This is an absolute gold mine… in this article, you’ll hear from 19 men and women who have been there before… entrepreneurs who have built successful business and created 7-figure income streams for themselves, all while living life on their own terms and pursuing their passions.

The insights you’re about to gain could completely transform your life… so take a deep breath, and let’s dive in!

russell-brunson-19Russell Brunson

Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Expert

ClickFunnels.com and DotComSecrets.com

Most people want to go out there and they want to create a product and try to sell it.  But the first thing you need to do is figure out how to serve somebody, and then do it for free for them.  If you have a product or service, don’t think about selling it at first.  Think about how to find somebody or a group of people and give them an amazing result for free.  Serve first, give people value first, and once you’ve done that, build a business around it.


john-lee-dumasJohn Lee Dumas

Founder, Entrepreneur On Fire


Invest in yourself and get a mentor.  Find someone who is where you want to be and learn from them.  Be their apprentice.  All their knowledge, their connections, the relationships you’ll gain, will be invaluable… being mentored opened all the doors for me.


aaron-walker-19Aaron Walker

Business Coach and 8-Time Entrepreneur


Fear missing an opportunity more than you fear failure. Remember, “can’t” couldn’t do it, and “could” did at all.


hal-elrod-19Hal Elrod

Amazon.com Bestselling Author of Miracle Morning


Create a morning success ritual.  Do the 6 things the most successful people do every morning (Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing).  Nothing will impact your success more than how you start your day, every day.  It’s not about waking up early… it’s about waking up better.  If you want to know more about how to do this, read my book Miracle Morning.


Gail-MillerGail Miller

Author & CEO


Remain resilient.  There will be disappointments, obstacles, and challenges along the way (I guarantee it), and you have to be able to get through that and be able to deal with change.  I think a strong entrepreneur needs to be able to evaluate a situation quickly, be objective, and make the necessary steps to move in the right direction without getting flustered.


Justin-ChristiansonJustin Christianson

Co-Founder and President


Find something and stick with it and don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. Strive every day to prove them wrong!


Claude-Diamond-204Claude Diamond

Real Estate Investor and Mentor


Get a mentor who is financially successful, honest, and accountable.


Thomas-Smale-204Thomas Smale

Serial Entrepreneur


Focus! Most entrepreneurs have a habit of jumping between ideas and projects but never actually focusing their attention on the most profitable aspects of their business. You don’t need to do 100 things at once to succeed; just focus on the things that make you money and forget the rest.


josh-turner-204Josh Turner

Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Expert


If I could give one piece of advice to an aspiring millionaire, it would be to look for balance, to always seek out the grey area.  Work hard, but take time off.  Focus, but don’t be afraid to test new things.  Be bold enough to invest in new initiatives, but always make cash flow a priority.  Care so much that your eyes bleed, but don’t care so much that you lose sleep.  That’s what I mean by balance.


Abel-James-204Abel James

Blogger and Entrepreneur


Be absolutely, positively persistent. No matter if you’re making a few dollars a day or thousands, it never actually “gets easier.” Success is a moving target, so focus on building positive habits that you can follow every day to make sure you’re making steady progress no matter where you are in the journey. For example, make a habit of writing every single day. Soon enough, you’ll be a great writer (and maybe you’ll even finish a book). Follow your passions, work hard, and expect success.


Ryan-Levesque-204Ryan Levesque

Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert, and #1 National Bestselling Author of Ask


There are people out there who will try to sell you on the idea that getting to the NEXT LEVEL in your business (and life) is easy. Building a multi-million dollar business was NOT easy for me. I was terrified to fail. But I kept reminding myself that success (in my mind) comes down to two words: COURAGE and GRIT.

Have the COURAGE to do what scares you… and then if you fail, have the GRIT to pick yourself up and try again. Success is built of a lot of failures along the way, so don’t be afraid of them. Each one is a learning experience, and each one gets you closer to success.


mark-aardsma-2014Mark Aardsma

Entrepreneur and Author of Investing With Purpose (Coming Spring 2016)


Nobody ever handed me their credit card and said “Use it to make your dreams come true.” Focus on serving customers in a way that makes their dreams come true, and they’ll be happy to pay you well for it.


Laura-Roeder-204Laura Roeder

Entrepreneur and Social Media Marketing Consultant

LKRSocialMedia.com and MeetEdgar.com

Don’t just plan how you’re going to get to your first million… plan what you’re going to do after you have it. Setting up a business that’ll take you to a certain plateau is one thing, but if your model isn’t scalable and sustainable, it’s not going to take you any further once you hit that goal. Make sure that, whatever you plan is, it’s something you can keep doing and profiting from in the long term!


Joshua-Lee-Head-Shot-204Joshua Lee

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, and President


Find mentors for all aspects of your life, as you will need to keep a strong balance.  Make sure that you look for a business mentor who is achieving consistent 8 figures a year with their business at minimum, as there are too many coaches/mentors that are broke and yet want to teach you how to make money.


Jordan-Harbinger-204Jordan Harbinger

Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Social Dynamics Expert


Stop trying to be a millionaire, and build something you care about. Once you get there, a million dollars isn’t that much, and you’ll lose steam especially when you hit roadblocks, which are inevitable. If you build something you care about, that will carry you to your first million and beyond.


josh-elledge-204Josh Elledge

Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Speaker, Journalist

MillionsInFreeMedia.com and SavingsAngel.com

The most important thing an entrepreneur on their way to earning millions can do is to focus on working ON their business, not IN their business. What this means is that they need to focus on GROWING their business. Everything else is busy work.

The two best ways to GROW your business are networking with influencers and telling your story to large audiences. As such, I highly recommend that each day, you are networking and telling your story and sharing your products and services. The media is actively looking for subject matter experts and will let you tell your story to their audiences. As an entrepreneur, YOU are that subject matter expert. Own it and start making yourself available. Being in service to large audiences can pay you millions of dollars, assuming you have products and services that solve problems!


Chris-Guillebeau-204Chris Guillebeau

Author  and Entrepreneur


Always ask why.


Matthew-Paulson-204Matthew Paulson

Entrepreneur, Author, Angel Investor


In my experience, the quickest way to make millions is to impact millions of people. If you want to attract wealth, you need your message and your products to reach a wide audience. Find ways to leverage other people’s audiences so that you can quickly get your products or services in front of a large number of people and begin to impact millions.


about-Derek-Rydall1Derek Rydall

Author of the #1 Amazon/Barnes & Noble Bestseller EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change

World Expert on the Revolutionary Law of Emergence at DerekRydall.com

To be honest, my first response would be… don’t aspire to be a millionaire. That’s the wrong focus. Aspire to live your true purpose, express your full potential, and make a powerful, positive impact that adds massive value to people’s lives. Then, and only then, look at how you can make that venture as lucrative as possible.

If you study the most successful entrepreneurs, business people, or financially successful people (sans the ones who inherited their wealth), you will almost always discover that wealth wasn’t their major drive. What drove them was making something great, innovating, having an impact, or in some way fulfilling their deepest desires and childhood fantasies.

If you want to be truly wealthy, in more ways than one, find that vision and mission you’re most inspired by and lead with that.

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