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Episode 142: Shownotes

Hi everyone!  Tara here.   :)  Have you ever had too many ideas for your business and you’re not sure which one you should pursue?

Or you’re feeling pulled in all directions but you’re not making much progress, because you’re trying to do too many things?

Jared and Nicole, our guests in today’s episode, know a bit about what that feels like.

They originally started an improv business, but had to close the doors due to the economy.  Since then, they’ve had a lot of business ideas… yet they haven’t been able to fully commit to one of them in order to move forward.  Currently, Jared and Nicole are serving as the “face” of ClickFunnels, starring in a few of Russell Brunson’s promotional videos!

Today’s episode is all about focus… why it’s important, how to achieve it, and how hidden fears can often play a role in keeping us distracted… listen in and enjoy!

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