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Episode 143: Shownotes

Hi everyone!  Justin here.   :)  You’re going to love today’s episode, trust me…

If I told you that you could 10X your productivity, get more done, feel better about yourself and your work, and spend more time with your family doing what you love, all by setting aside just 15 minutes of your morning… would you want to know how?

Of course you would!  And in this episode, author and entrepreneur Craig Ballantyne shares exactly how you can do just that…

Craig is the owner of and the author of the book The Perfect Day Formula.  Today, Craig joins me on 8 Minute Millionaire to break down some incredible success and productivity hacks… including the first thing you should do in the morning when you wake up, why your morning actually starts the night before, how to structure your day to achieve the maximum, and a whole lot more.  These tips are already changing my life… enjoy!

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