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Episode 152: Shownotes

Hey everyone! Justin here. :)

So, Tara got a nasty email the other day… which led to an interesting turn of events.

Let me explain…

As you’ve probably seen by now, Tara just launched Connect Academy… and things have been going great with that. She’s had a ton of people sign up for her program, and it’s off to an awesome start.

But she’s been battling pneumonia for a while now, and this past week, while we were traveling to Utah for Thanksgiving and she was feeling sick and down, she got a crazy email that shook her up even more…

Let’s just say it got pretty rough for a couple days.

Even though Tara was doing something great and getting great results, she was facing some intense resistance…

But something happened in Utah…

And on today’s episode of the 8 Minute Millionaire Podcast, we have some super important lessons to share with you that came out of this!

This is stuff every entrepreneur faces…

…so listen in and let me tell you what went down!

Links and Resources

  • If you’re interested in the energy work Tar’s been doing and how she’s been changing lives with it, and if you’re thinking you might want to get into this yourself, you can… head over to and sign up for Connect Academy!

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