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Episode 159: Shownotes

It was like 118 degrees outside…

…in the middle of the desert…

…hundreds of miles from home…

…and we were having a blast!

Okay, so my family and I just got back from an awesome trip to Pirate’s Cove in the Nevada desert…

And it was a crazy experience.

What were we doing at this “water park with no rules?”

Well, Tara and I were there for a mastermind meeting.

We spent several days hanging out with some seriously high-level entrepreneurs and business owners… and when I say high-level, I’m talking about 8-figure and 9-figure income earners.

Tara and I were the “little fish” in that pond. No joke.

And we came back from that meeting with some huge takeaways, which we’re revealing in today’s episode of the 8 Minute Millionaire Podcast.

I’ve said this before…

A good mastermind group is the most powerful thing you can do for your business.

We all make decisions in our business based on what we believe.  And when you get around people who are doing things at a high level, what you believe changes.

That’s the part most people don’t get.

It’s not just a “knowledge” thing.

It’s about getting the vision.

We’re digging deep into this today on the podcast…

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