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Interview with Brittany: Jenny’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Interview with Derrick: Is Jenny Going to Make It?

Jenny’s First Day of Training

Jenny Accepts Justin’s Offer

Justin’s Million-Dollar Offer (Full Call)

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Who is Jenny?

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Jenny is Justin’s little sister… and she’s on a journey to make a million dollars in the next 5 years!

But let’s back up a moment… how did this journey get started? It began when Jenny asked Justin if she could borrow some money from him… and Justin responded by making her a different offer…

Before she began this journey, Jenny had never really held down a job. She lived at home with her parents and depended on them for just about everything. She didn’t have any clear direction or plan to move forward in life.

Justin and Tara offered to mentor her for the next 5 years and help her go from “relying on mom and dad” to making a million dollars a year… but there was one catch.

She would have to do everything they said and agree to completely change her life.

She would have to work harder than she had ever worked before, and she would have to do it all without her parents’ help.

Jenny’s journey has been a wild ride so far, with a ton of huge ups and downs. Will she make it to $1,000,000? Or will she completely burn out?

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